The Meaning of Slot and How it Comes to Be Associated With Slot Machines


The word slot has many meanings, including hollow at the base of the throat above the breastbone. Its origins are obscure and largely unspecified. Old French esclot is another possible source, and Old Norse slod is a synonym. The word first appears in English in the 1520s, while its meaning as slot machine is recorded from 1888. This article will discuss the various meanings of the word slot and how it came to be associated with slot machines.


The word slot has many meanings in English, and the origin is Middle French. It has been used to describe a small depression in the center of the chest. Throughout history, this word has been used to describe various things, from the fourth position on a flying display to a small area in a castle. The word is related to several Germanic words, such as the German Schloss and the English word shut. The word has been traced back to the Proto-Germanic root slut-, meaning “to close.” The root is related to the English and German words peg and hook, but the meaning of slot is fairly obscure.

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Types of slots

In the casino, you can choose from a variety of types of slots. The reels are typically three or five in size and contain symbols you’ll recognize. The number of symbols on each reel differs from slot to slot, but they are largely the same in general. The object of a slot game is to line up matching symbols along a payline. The Eye of the Kraken slot machine features three reels and eight paylines. You can play the game for as little as $0.08 per spin.

Return on investment

The term “return on investment” refers to the amount of money given back by a slot machine. It can be measured in two ways: as a percentage and as the amount given back over time if you played for an unlimited period of time. As a result, the percentage is known as the hold percentage. But what exactly is the hold percentage? Let’s look at these terms and see if they apply to slot machines.


Fruits are a common slot symbol, but did you know that there’s a history behind these symbols? Historically, slot machines have featured fruit symbols to attract players, but today’s games feature a much wider variety of symbols and themes. For instance, the Aloha slot game uses symbols of pineapples, coconuts, Tiki masks, and other tropical fruits. The Ozzy Osbourne slot game uses skulls and bats as its symbols.